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Find the right information

Get the information you need faster from the hundreds of conversations your sales teams are having.

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Understand the reality on the ground

Understand and analyse the reality on the ground of your teams to develop the best strategy.

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Activate the collective intelligence

Instantly share the voice of the customer across the business and confirm your insights.

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Duplicate best practices

Align your teams on strategy and scale up by standardizing best practices.

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On the number of contracts signed by 20% of sales staff
Thomas Ghiglione
Inside Sales Manager @Swile
Very quickly, several of our sales people increased their performance. The key was to let our prospects speak to us to understand their issues.

And it was thanks to the platform that we were able to work and analyse our various interactions.
On our conversion rate in 4 months.
profile picture victor boisnard
Victor Boisnard
Head of Sales
Modjo has completely changed the way we coach our teams! We have a fact-based analysis of what our best sales people do and how to easily replicate it to the rest of the team.
On our conversion rate of the premium offer in 2 months.
ClΓ©mence de Roquemaurel
Sales Manager @Qonto
The objective from the start was to duplicate the practices of the best salespeople.

Since we started using Modjo, we have been able to convert our leads much better. In particular, we have increased our conversion by 20% on the most complete offer.
On our onboarding time in 6 months.
Quentin PrΓ©choux
Head of Inside Sales @360Learning
We implemented Modjo because we wanted to improve the onboarding and skills development of our sales team.

We have cut the time it takes to get their first client contract by a factor of three!
Of signatures on the first two months of a recruit
Jocelyn Trehu
Team Lead Sales @Pennylane
We needed to get new recruits up to speed quickly and creating a library of best calls with Modjo is great for that. In addition to live shadowing, it allows us to put forward relevant use cases. It's had a huge impact!

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Rated 4.8 on Capterra & G2
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Frequently asked questions about conversational analysis

What is Modjo?

Like a professional athlete analyzing his or her matches, Modjo is a conversational analysis tool that helps your sales teams achieve their goals by improving the coaching and onboarding of your employees.

With Modjo, you will be able to track what your top performers are doing by detecting best practices and sharing them with the rest of the team.

What is conversational analysis?

Conversational analysis has a simple objective: to enable the analysis of voice interactions and to extract relevant information from them.

In most companies, conversations are already recorded but are not always well exploited, as the audio data is often very unstructured.

A tool like Modjo makes it possible to structure the data to make it accessible, transparent and collaborative.

Why equip yourself with a conversational analysis solution?

With conversational analysis, sales teams can finally analyse their interactions to provide reality-based customer data.

Salespeople no longer lose any information thanks to the automatic transcription of their calls via our artificial intelligence for automatic speech recognition.

Conversational analysis allows managers to ensure optimal sales coaching. They can use real data to improve their sales scripts, while highlighting good practices to help their teams become more competent.

How to implement a conversational analysis solution?

To implement a conversational analysis solution you need to be equipped with an internet telephony or video conferencing tool. Simply connect Modjo to your business communication tools and start collecting data.

Depending on your needs, we help you choose the best telephony and videoconferencing tools.

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