Accelerate the performance of your teams.


Speed up the training of your new recruits

Your new employees learn faster by listening to the calls and meetings of your top performers.

Thanks to the library, they can observe a complete sales cycle in one day.


Develop a training culture

Make your training and feedback sessions more relevant and effective.

Help them exceed their objectives by duplicating the best practices that make a difference!


Track and compare key performance indicators

Get factual data on the activity and interactions of your sales teams.

Evaluate performance, develop your coaching programmes and create a team capable of exceeding its goals.

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How it works?

Get started in minutes


Create your Modjo space.

Connect your favorite business tools, set up the topics to be analyzed, add and onboard your team easily with our customer support team.


Start analysing your interactions.

Uncover best practices in your hundreds of customer interactions, share the reality on the ground with the entire organisation and adapt your strategy in real time.


Develop collective intelligence

Develop your team's skills, anticipate obstacles, and shape the collective performance of your company.


Scaling up your business

Formalize best practices and create a process that everyone can use.

Why managers recommend Modjo.

For skills development.

Track in real time, contextualise your feedback and improve your training sessions.

For autonomy and collaboration.

Best practice quickly and easily accessible to the whole team.

For 360° information sharing.

Share the reality on the ground with the entire company (customer support, marketing, product) in seconds.

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Why sales people recommend Modjo.

To save time.

Take notes live, take advantage of native CRM integration, and share demos with your prospects to accelerate your sales cycles.

For the performance gain.

Replay previous exchanges in a few minutes, visualise the important information and arrive fully prepared in front of your interlocutors.

For continuing education.

Observe the best practices of the top performers in your team, access a library of calls to improve your skills.

The platform that transforms the sharing of field information to teams.

Sales Team

Develop your skills and gain performance quickly by replicating best practices.
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Customer Success Team

Improve your customer relationship by having access to all past interactions. Gain credibility and relevance.
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Marketing Team

Connect directly to your customers! Optimize your marketing and accurately assess its impact.
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Product Team

Identify and understand your users' expectations to build your product roadmap more easily.
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Security and privacy

Modjo develops a solution that is compliant with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

We ensure the protection of your personal data, their confidentiality and security.

To learn more, read our RGPD and Security commitments!

Scale up faster with Modjo.

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