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Learn from your company's top performers, identify your areas of improvement and train to boost your performance and achieve your goals.

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Used by over 350 companies and 15K salespeople.

Conversational analysis for sales performance!

Modjo the coaching solution for performance!

Gain visibility on your opportunities with modjo app

Accelerate your sales cycles.

Share your demos with your prospects and speed up the decision making process by two.

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Transform the way you take notes.

Every interaction is recorded and listed so you can come back to it with a few clicks.

You are now sure to have all the information you need to prepare for your next meeting.

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Progress with each new interaction!

Ask your manager or colleagues directly in your calls and receive feedback within minutes.

Progressing through best practice sharing has never been easier!

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Very quickly, several of our sales people quickly increased their performance. The key for us is to be able to let our prospects talk to us to fully understand their issues. It's really Modjo that has allowed us to work well and analyze our various interactions. 20% of our sales have already doubled the number of contracts signed thanks to Modjo's click.
Thomas Ghiglione
Inside Sales Manager
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Modjo has completely changed the way we coach our teams! We have a fact-based analysis of what our best sales people do and how to easily replicate it to the rest of the team.
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Victor Boisnard
Head of sales
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We set up Modjo because we wanted to improve onboarding and the skill level of our sales team.

We divided by three the time it took them to get their first customer contract!
Quentin Préchoux
Head of Inside sales
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We use the library feature a lot for onboarding newcomers, it's very handy. In addition to live shadowing, it allows to highlight relevant use cases. It's been very impactful!
A new account executive has just joined the team and we needed to get him up to speed very quickly. He made his first calls much more quickly.
Jocelyn TREHU
Account Executive

Four features for which more than 5,000 salespeople use Modjo.

Note-taking application

Take your notes once and find all the information on Modjo.

Your notes are automatically saved in your prospect's CRM record.

Sales pipeline

Access every contact point, every transaction and all available prospect information at a glance.


Find the best calls by subject and by team in a few clicks. The essential database for learning from the best examples.

Automatic detection of topics

Search and replay only the parts of a conversation that interest you!

Scale up faster with Modjo.

Rated 4.8 on Capterra & G2
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