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Capture and analyse the methods of your best salespeople and duplicate the practices that make a difference to the whole team!

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Conversational analysis, a tool dedicated to sales performance!

Make all customer interactions accessible, transparent and collaborative.

Know your customers with modjo app

Gain a global view on your business strategy

Whether it's the total number of calls made, the talk/listen ratio, or the most talked about topics with your customers.

Modjo allows you to see key sales performance metrics at a glance.

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Boost the coaching of your sales team

Evaluate, mention and comment directly on calls and video conferences conducted by your team.

Help your salespeople more effectively without being present for every call.

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Analyze customer behavior with modjo app
onboarding with modjo app

Halve the onboarding time.

Train your new hires twice as fast with the Modjo call library.

Easily find the best calls by topic and team: from cold calling to closing an opportunity, new team members learn from the best examples.

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Base your business strategy on data

Gain visibility into the performance, skills and activities of your sales people to understand where you should be placing your coaching efforts and where you could gain performance.

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Very quickly, several of our sales people quickly increased their performance. The key for us is to be able to let our prospects talk to us to fully understand their issues. It's really Modjo that has allowed us to work well and analyze our various interactions. 20% of our sales have already doubled the number of contracts signed thanks to Modjo's click.
Thomas Ghiglione
Inside Sales Manager
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Modjo has completely changed the way we coach our teams! We have a fact-based analysis of what our best sales people do and how to easily replicate it to the rest of the team.
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Victor Boisnard
Head of sales
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We set up Modjo because we wanted to improve onboarding and the skill level of our sales team.

We divided by three the time it took them to get their first customer contract!
Quentin Préchoux
Head of Inside sales
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We use the library feature a lot for onboarding newcomers, it's very handy. In addition to live shadowing, it allows to highlight relevant use cases. It's been very impactful!
A new account executive has just joined the team and we needed to get him up to speed very quickly. He made his first calls much more quickly.
Jocelyn TREHU
Account Executive

Why managers recommend Modjo.

For skills development.

Track in real time, contextualise your feedback and improve your training sessions.

For autonomy and collaboration.

Best practice quickly and easily accessible to the whole team.

For 360° information sharing.

Share the reality on the ground with the entire company (customer support, marketing, product) in seconds.

Increase the performance of your sales teams.

Rated 4.8 on Capterra & G2
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