AI Call Scoring
AI Call Scoring

Automatically measure the adoption of your qualification methodology!

Automate the evaluation of your qualification method with AI Call Scoring. Each call is objectively evaluated autonomously, freeing up hours of work.

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Boost your sales performance with AI Call Scoring


Time saved for each manager each week


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Sales methodology adoption by sales reps

A score to assess the application of the qualification method

The absence of a scalable assessment tool leaves sales managers in the dark regarding the adoption of their qualification methodology.

Thanks to analytics, managers have a clear and measurable overview of the adoption of the qualification methodology by their teams.

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Try it for free
Screenshot of Modjo, the macro-analysis platform for companies' realities on the ground.

Pinpoint coaching opportunities instantly

Manually checking that calls comply with the sales methodology is a tedious and biased challenge.

AI Call Scoring provides managers with a comprehensive overview of the adoption of their methodology.

This enables them to effectively identify areas requiring extra coaching for their team. The impact: better qualification of future opportunities.

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Try it for free
Screenshot of Modjo, the macro-analysis platform for companies' realities on the ground.

Empower Sales Reps with Immediate Self-Assessment

Waiting for feedback can hinder a sales rep’s ability to improve quickly.

Modjo enables instant self-assessment post-call, fostering a culture of continuous improvement and autonomy among sales teams.

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Try it for free
Screenshot of Modjo, the macro-analysis platform for companies' realities on the ground.

Enhanced Scalability

Identify improvement zones quickly and effectively. Scale your assessment process.

Bias-Free Assessments

Avoid assessment errors thanks to a transparent, neutral system based on unbiased technology.

Quick and Intuitive Set-Up

Set up AI Call Scoring effortlessly in less than a minute, without requiring technical expertise.

They're already using AI Call Scoring

Find out more about the quantified feedback from our users, and why the feature has already been adopted by +15k sales reps across Europe.

"The implementation of AI Call Scoring has significantly reduced the time spent on call reviews [...]. Now, every qualification call is systematically scored by the AI, freeing up managers to provide targeted and personalized coaching.

This is definitely an efficiency gain and demonstrates Modjo's commitment to streamlining coaching processes."

Celia Bruche
Sales Enablement Director @Cloudtalk
Célia Bruche using AI Call Scoring, a Modjo feature

"I measure the effectiveness and implementation of our automatic qualification method through AI Call Scoring. I was a bit skeptical, but it turns out it works very well.

This has allowed me to realize that the teams were not addressing the desire aspect of the AIDA method. I can now focus on the key coaching points to implement."

Charles Anouma
SDR Manager @Brigad
Charles Anouma using Modjo's AI Call Scoring feature

What are you waiting for to boost your qualification methodology?

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Frequently asked questions about AI Call Scoring

What languages does AI Call Scoring support? ↧

AI Call Scoring works for all European languages: English, French, Spanish, German, Italian, Portuguese, etc.

Who can see the call scorings?

The call scoring is only visible to managers and salespeople who participated in the concerned call.

Who is AI Call Scoring for?

This feature is aimed at directors and managers of sales teams who want to assess the effectiveness and adoption of their sales methodology. But it is also aimed at salespeople who want to understand their performance in order to improve their skills.

Can I use AI Call Scoring for free if I have a Modjo account? ↧

Yes, AI Call Scoring is included in the Modjo offer without any additional cost.