AI Insights
AI Insights

Find out why you might not sign your next deals

Identify customer objections, quantify the amount of opportunities impacted and automate coaching with our technology to close more tomorrow!

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Manage your performance using feedback from the field


Average conversion rate among our customers.


Time saved per manager each week.


Adoption of the sales method by sales staff.

Spot risks before it's too late!

Receive alerts on customer objections. Get a realistic, quantified view of the business impact of objections encountered by your team.

Don't let yourself be surprised anymore with AI Insights and its precise, quantified analyses!

Screenshot of AI Insights functionality for spotting objections
Screenshot of AI Insights functionality for automated coaching

Revolutionize your approach to coaching with AI

Put your sales team coaching on autopilot.

With AI Insights, every customer objection detected by our technology becomes a targeted learning opportunity to sign more!

Why start using AI Insights tomorrow?

Top 3 customer objections

Receive a monthly email analysis of the top 3 objections encountered by your teams.

Detecting risky deals

Our technology connects your CRM to customer interactions to determine the impact of each objection on your results.

Installation in just a few clicks

Activate AI Insights, record your first calls and let AI do the work in the background.

Self-generated library

One-click access to an automatically updated library of extracts relating to your main objections.

What are you waiting for to seize this competitive advantage?

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Frequently asked questions aboutAI Insights

What languages does AI Insights support?

AI Insights works for all European languages: English, French, Spanish, German, Italian, Portuguese, etc.

Can I use AI Insights for free if I have a Modjo account?

Yes, AI Insights is part of the Modjo offer at no extra cost. All you need to do is activate AI features in your settings.