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7 tips and examples for using ChatGPT in sales.

Tristan Aucher
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ChatGPT examples and tips for salespeople

You've probably already heard of ChatGPT and if not, you've probably taken too long a vacation...

ChatGPT is an incredibly useful and versatile tool, and it is everywhere these days! It is predicted to be the next major technological revolution of our century.

But have you ever wondered how useful it is for sales and lead generation? This is an underestimated aspect of this technology that could change the way you work in the coming months!

But you have to know how to use it correctly... I see a bit of everything and anything in prospecting and follow-up. And I assure you that it stings the eyes!

In this article, we'll go over the basics of how to use the power of ChatGPT properly and not look like a pin-pin.

What is a ChatGPT prompt 

A prompt is a short phrase or text that is entered by a user to initiate a conversation with ChatGPT. It is the starting point for ChatGPT's response and is used to guide the response based on the purpose or theme of the conversation. Prompts can be questions, statements, or even keywords, depending on what the user wants the response to be.

For example, ChatGPT wrote the above paragraph.

Prompt ChatGPT: Knowing that I'm writing a blog post to help sales people to use ChatGPT and that some may not know the tool yet, write me a short definition of what a prompt is. Focus the definition on the use of a prompt for ChatGPT.

7 tips for creating effective ChatGPT prompts for salespeople.

To ensure you generate quality ChatGPT responses, here are some tips and best practices you should follow when using the tool.

If you are not used to using ChatGPT, I will start from the beginning.

1. Be clear and precise.

State your task or questions clearly. The more specific the request, the more precise the response. 


Version #1: "Create a cold prospecting email that generates leads"

Version #2: "Create a sub-200 word prospecting email with a friendly, casual tone that targets SaaS sales managers, with the goal of scheduling a quick 5-minute call. Includes key issues that sales teams may face in order to train effectively."

2. ChatGPT needs context.

Be sure to provide all the basic information that ChatGPT needs to know to understand its task. This can include what you do, your company's value proposition, who your personas are, how long the response should be, etc.

Do not forget to mention the restrictions to be respected.

If there are specific guidelines that the response generated must follow, be sure to include them in your prompt. For prospecting, for example, this may include tone, length, target persona, etc.

3. Use the right vocabulary and wording

As an AI, ChatGPT doesn't know everything. I know this is disappointing, but it won't be long before we have an AI that can anticipate your requests.

Today, AI cannot fail to know the language elements and expressions related to a specific industry or persona without a minimum of coaching.

For example, in the SaaS world, we usually use a lot of anglicisms. 

This is due to the fact that a SaaS (by definition) can be sold all over the world. Some English words become expressions used even in French (We don't talk about attrition, but churn).

This is a problem, because ChatGPT does not distinguish and will translate the words as best it can. Therefore, if you work in a specific area, be sure to include it in your prompt.

One alternative, if they fail to adapt, is to include an instruction in the message not to use jargon or vague terms. Then you can correct the message and adjust the vocabulary.

4. Be concise

ChatGPT can understand long prompts, but keep in mind that often if the prompt is long, it is because you are not clear about your request.

Our advice is to keep your requests short and to the point.

5. Provide examples

To help ChatGPT's artificial intelligence understand what you are looking for, provide examples of the type of text you are looking for. 

This can be specific content (e.g., "LinkedIn article under 300 words") or a text template (e.g., "Create an article under 1,500 words based on the following key information...").

6. Include roles

Make ChatGPT stand in your persona's shoes or in your shoes. This is definitely one of the best tips I received when I started using ChatGPT.

This is a very good way, for example, to generate objections or potential questions that might arise during your demos. 

Quick tip: you can tell the AI to "stay in character" and return to the conversation at any time if you need to do more research.

7. Test, adjust and save your best ChatGPT prompts.

Finally, to improve with ChatGPT, you will need to constantly test your texts and modify them if necessary.

Your only limit is your imagination and your ability to write effective prompts.

To help you get started, here are 4 prompts to start selling with ChatGPT.

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5 basic prompts to start selling with ChatGPT

1. Start with the base

The secret to using ChatGPT successfully is continuous learning. The first prompt you use must make it understand what role it will play and what it will have to accomplish as a mission. This is the starting point.‍

Prompt ChatGPT: Ignore all instructions before this one. You are a [JOB]. You have been [doing this] for 10 years. Your task now is [specific instructions].

2. Keep it short and simple.

Your targets never write in paragraphs. That's why your emails are never read. You have to have a surgical approach! Not easy when you have so much to say.

‍PromptChatGPT: In 5 sentences or less, summarize the text below in the form of an email I can send. Keep it as short as possible. [Your Text]

3. Go international.

If you are selling in English, Spanish or even French and it is not your native language, you will probably have trouble using relevant vocabulary. Again, ChatGPT can help.

‍PromptChatGPT: Translate the following text to me in [Language] with perfect spelling and grammar in the manner of a native from [Country]. [Your Text]‍

4. Refine your qualification method

The secret of a successful sale is your ability to detect and respond to the issues your prospect is facing.

‍PromptChatGPT: Imagine I'm talking with a potential buyer of my solution, the [Position] of an [Industry]. What questions should I ask to find out his problems and priorities to determine if he is a qualified prospect for my product?

As a reminder, my solution is [description of your solution].

5. Use ChatGPT as a training partner.

If you want to be prepared to overcome common objections from your prospects, have ChatGPT play the role of a decision maker to explore these objections and ways to overcome them. While AI can't predict your prospects' behavior, it can help you prepare by practicing regularly.

‍PromptChatGPT: Now imagine that you are seriously considering buying my solution. What potential objections might you have?

For each of these, give me two ways to respond to these objections as a salesperson.

Now you should be armed enough to start mastering ChatGPT and boosting your performance with it.


Tristan Aucher
Marketing Manager
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