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Cold calling to accelerate growth in 2024

Paul Berloty
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Cold calling, an ancestral method.

It's time to reinvent the way we practice cold calling to bring more value to our prospects.

All of you have already received a call, from some company, trying to sell you an energy balance sheet when you don't even own it. Usually it ends up like this:

It's a bit the same parallel when you contact a company that doesn't know you and your solution.

Even if you are convinced that your product can bring him a lot of value.

By doing some simple research, you may be able to match the prospect's needs with your sales approach. I assure you that the conversation will be more relevant and meaningful.

Cold calling isn't dead, it's evolving!

Cold calling is a way of engaging in a one-on-one dialogue with a prospect.

👉 The objective, to take your target to the next step in the buying process.

In the past, cold calling was rather seen as an aggressive method, consisting in making intrusive calls, without any upstream qualification, hoping to receive a positive answer from the person on the other end of the line.

Current studies show that 74% of buyers will choose sellers who can add value to their business.

It is this search for added value that has made cold calling evolve towards a new, more virtuous format. And the companies that perform in cold calling today have understood this!

Why is cold calling a challenge we are passionate about?

Numerous studies show that cold calling still has its place in prospecting.

According to a study conducted by the Rain Group company

70% of prospects accepted at least one cold call in 2019 and 82% of them accepted an appointment with the sales representatives after a series of contacts initiated by a cold call.

However, cold calling cannot be implemented without a structured approach and a clear follow-up by the team.

Often misused or poorly optimized, it is advisable to think about a global strategy to significantly improve the performance of your approach.

Modjo's approach to cold calling.


1. Use social networks

Social networks are powerful tools to save time in your prospection. For example, LinkedIn is an essential tool to use when you want to take your cold calling actions to the next level.

82% of prospects think that a company is more reliable if it is visible on social networks, according to a study by BrandFog.

In addition to being a showcase for your company, LinkedIn allows you to create a link with your future prospects.

Before a cold call, take the reflex to visit your caller's profile. This approach will allow you to retrieve important information about your target but also to create a first connection with him/her.

2. Use cold emailing in advance

It is much easier to bounce back on sending one or more emails when you contact your prospect. At Modjo, the first contacts are systematically made via a cold mailing.

There are two possible scenarios when you call.

  1. Your prospect has seen your email and will already have a general idea of the product you wish to present.
  2. Your prospect has not seen your e-mail, you can bounce back on this e-mail and start a discussion. Typically, it happens quite regularly that a prospect will look for your emails in his spam. Get to work on your brainstorming to find your intro script! 🤓

3. Be careful with your approach

When we contact prospects by cold calling, we attach particular importance to the way we approach our future customers. 😉

It is out of the question to pick up the phone (the old-fashioned way) without knowing at least if our tool can answer a problem encountered by the targeted company.

You need to think about the value proposition you are going to bring to your target audience. Most of the information you need is on the internet. You just need to know where to look. I assure you that the preliminary work you do will not be a waste of time.

👉 Our method at Modjo: contact our prospects to get feedback.

Having arrived on the market only recently, we have taken the decision to contact our targets to ask for feedback, particularly on what we are developing.

The objective is to show why the tool is indispensable for them. And if they want to take Modjo, we'll have done it. But the priority for us is to get a little feedback on the product. The better we know our prospects' needs, the better our value proposition will be in the future.

4. Make an appointment in your prospect's diary!

The purpose of your appeal is not to present your entire solution.

The main objective must be to schedule an appointment. Your prospect will probably not have time to listen to you. Be proactive, he will probably be more inclined to find out what you want to show him later.

I guess you don't have much time now. But if you want, we could meet for 10-15 minutes in the next few days and I'll show you this. Tuesday, 3:30?

5. Learn from the best!

This is where I show you how Modjo can help you improve your business performance. 😉

You have to practice! You have to coach each other within your team!

You don't become the best outbound salesman without training.

👉 How to train?

  • We always listen to the best cold calls of the week. In this way, we are able to detect the "catch phrases" that make the difference with prospects.
  • The replay also allows you to detect parasitic actions that may cause you to miss a sale.
When I was at Doctolib, I used to listen to at least 5 calls a week. After several months, I realized that I had a speech impediment and that I was spending my time repeating certain words like "ok ok", "perfect perfect perfect", etc. I was not able to listen to the calls again.

Modjo helps to improve the efficiency of your training. You will have much easier access to your personal calls but also to all the calls made by your company.

You will also be able to comment your calls and tag your colleagues to automatically send them your best cold call of the week.

The function that is the most used in our company: the call library. In the same way as a traditional library, your best calls can be referenced by category (e.g. best cold calling, best objections, best demo, etc.). This feature offers a considerable time saving to progress and onboard new ones.

I think you now have a lot of keys to becoming the boss of cold calling.

And if you have any questions about our prospecting methods, do not hesitate to contact us directly. And maybe by then you will have been asked for feedback. 🍍

Ps: if you want to know why pineapple, we would be happy to give you a demo 😉.


Paul Berloty
CEO and Co-founder
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