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Customer facing: a better customer experience with Modjo

Léa Hennequart
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During our last live broadcast, "Remote Customer Relations: New Business Practices that Create a Unique Customer Experience", we saw the positive impact of customer visios on the performance of sales and CS teams of all sizes and deal types.

How do solutions like Modjo capitalize on this trend, to help you accelerate your sales performance?

In this blog, I propose you to come back to the notion of "sales enablement maturity", in order to better understand the impact of Modjo.

What is your sales maturity?

The performance of your sales teams is based on the insights your sales teams (BDR, AE, AM, CS) have. The more this content (presentations, demo scripts, coaching, benchmarks, TCO calculator) is accessible at the right time, in the right place, with the right arguments, the more the performance will be replicable and therefore collective.

This intelligent content management forms the "sales enablement", and its maturity is measured on a 5-point scale:

While many companies focus on improving their powerpoint presentations, benchmarks, and customer events, Modjo focuses on the essence of what makes a good salesperson: their interaction with prospects and customers.

Before the explosive use of video in client meetings, the pitch, the demo, the negotiation & the client's connivance remained something intangible, unworkable. Every AE, BRD or AM had his or her own "secret sauce", and it was impossible to transfer best practices in a scalable way.

Beyond the practical aspect of visios, Paul Berloty, CEO and co-founder of Modjo, immediately saw the "data" potential of visio: to keep commercial interactions in the company's memory and to exploit them to make them a critical asset in the performance of teams.

The video is even the most important content to harvest:

  • Whatever other content you have, if the way you present it is not the right one, the great animations of your presentation will have no effect
  • Video includes customer interactions: performance is therefore evaluated not only on the delivery of the salesperson, but especially on the visible reaction of the prospect.

To what maturity of filth does Modjo take you?

Modjo is the first sales enablement tool that allows you to reach a Maturity 3, 4, 5 on the above scale, depending on your starting point:

To achieve Maturity 3: Modjo consolidates the content of sales pitches, and converts it into actionable data.

Thanks to integrations with Google Meet, Zoom and Microsoft Teams, Modjo's library will automatically retrieve all calls and visios from sales teams, and consolidate them. It is customizable with folders for better organization.

Transcription and conversational analysis transforms conversations into text and identifies the topics discussed. Conversations are identified with titles, participants in each conversation are automatically recognized and their names are associated with their voice. The Explore search bar provides quick and easy access to the desired customer interactions.

With these two features, calls and visios are finally all hosted, organized and searchable in one place, making the most of them.

To achieve Maturity 4: Modjo correlates all available content with its financial impact.

Modjo integrates with your CRM and will link each customer interaction to an opportunity and a customer account.

Instead of searching for content based on the theme or looking at the latest available, you will now be able to focus on the ones that are most strategic for your business.

Here are some examples of research often done by us and our clients:

  • I want to review the visios of only the 20 deals that will make 80% of my income this quarter
  • I would like to review the visios of my salesman who is making the biggest turnover of this quarter

This integration allows sales team managers to spend their time on what has the most impact, and thanks to an accelerated viewing speed, to be efficient in their analysis and decisions.

Thanks to these functionalities and operating modes, managers understand the reality of their teams on the ground and are relevant in their escalation to their hierarchy.

To reach Maturity 5: Modjo duplicates the performance of the best sales people to the rest of the team.

So Modjo brings teams previously unavailable sales pitch content, and an ability to correlate that content to financial impact.

Once you've adopted these two practices in your company, Modjo allows you to go further in optimizing your pitches by identifying and sharing the best content.

  • You can identify and isolate the best contents, thanks to "bookmarks" inserted directly on the good moments of the visios
  • You can mention your teams or cross-functional teams to get them to look at specific content
  • You can create "templates" from all the best practices observed, i.e. pitch scripts that will be displayed directly in the notes of your sales representatives during their next meeting.

Thanks to this, you can optimize the time spent training your teams on the best content available, and thanks to the analytics tab, you can correlate the time spent training on this content and the performance of each person.

In addition, by pushing each salesperson to comment on and share the most relevant content, and by monitoring your teams' viewing time on that content, you create a scalable performance system. The bigger your team is, the more content they produce, and the more they select the best pitches to watch, the better they get.

And you, at what stage of sales maturity are you? What is your collective performance ambition for the next year?

Don't hesitate to watch the replay of our last live show on collective performance, if you want to listen to the testimonies of companies like Doctolib, 360learning, Welcome to the Jungle or Alma.

And while waiting for the new school year, I wish you a good vacation.


Léa Hennequart
Head of Account Management
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