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Remote customer relations: creating a successful experience

Nadine Yahchouchi
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remote customer relationship

On Wednesday, July 20th, I had the chance to host a live show on the subject of remote sales relations with :

Modjo allows us to increase the performance of our sales and customer success teams tenfold, based on data from videos and customer calls made by our employees. It was therefore critical for us to understand the adoption of video in customer meetings.

It was all the more important to have representatives from large groups, Bouygues Telecom and Microsoft, as smaller and more recent companies were born into video and are therefore less representative of this change in customer interaction.

Find below, the entire webinar, as well as the questions and answers:

Live broadcast: remote customer relations

1 - Is video used when doing long sales to large companies?

Cécile is in charge of a customer success team for major accounts. Before the pandemic, her teams were 100% in the field, at the customer's site. When the pandemic arrived, the teams were 100% on video.

What's next? The teams have kept 60% of visio, which has allowed:

  • Greater flexibility in finding time to interact with clients
  • The ability to reach out to regional and international contacts
  • Less time wasted on travel

Finally, with part of the meetings in video, the customer success teams have a clear gain in productivity, spending more time in customer meetings.

👉 The detail in minute 3:00 of the replay.

2 - Is video used by the "inside sales" of large groups?

Unlike sales teams that chase large accounts, insides sales are more often in charge of SME accounts and are used to remote sales. The salespeople therefore spend their day on the phone. And as Nicolas says, the problem with distance selling is "the distance".

In this sense, videoconferencing has made several things possible:

  • Create a link with a more humanized contact
  • Have greater control over the decision-making process, by engaging more people and faster - the telephone remains primarily an exchange between 2 people.
  • Exchange more information, for example by commenting on a contract

The impact is clear: sales cycles are shortened by 1 to 2 days, because the video allows to accelerate the "next steps" with the prospects.

👉 The detail in minute 7:15 of the replay.

3 - What advice can be given to set up effective customer meetings via video?

For key account teams, used to face-to-face sales:

  • Pay attention to the "body language" of your client, this is true in person and remains true in video.
  • Continue the "small talk" at the beginning of the visio, we tend to go more straight to the point.
  • Make sure you separate the meetings to be done remotely (follow-up, action point) and face-to-face (lunch engagement, crisis management).

For remote sales teams, used to calls:

  • Test with a POC, a small group of champions. It takes time to get used to seeing and being seen.
  • Get support from change management professionals
  • Get started, be a precursor!
👉 The detail in minute 16:30 of the replay, and the Q&A in minute 20:00.

4 - And Modjo in all this?

As the trend towards video customer relations accelerates, Modjo allows you to get even more out of these interactions. Modjo integrates with the most popular video tools (Microsoft Teams, Google Meet and Zoom), and allows you to retrieve insights from these customer exchanges, for a better understanding of the customer's reality and collective performance.

👉 The detail in minute 17:48 of the replay.

Feel free to contact me on LinkedIn if you are interested in the topic, and if you want to share your ideas for future webinars.


Nadine Yahchouchi
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