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Frequently Asked Questions

What does Modjo do?

Like a professional athlete analyzing his or her games, Modjo is a conversational analysis and coaching tool that helps your sales teams achieve their goals.

With Modjo, you'll be able to track what your top performers are doing by detecting best practices and sharing them with the rest of the team.

What types of businesses use Modjo?

Modjo is designed for all teams that have a commercial activity that can be done remotely (sales by phone or video conference) and that need to retrieve information from their conversations with their prospects.

Our tool is used by teams ranging from 2 to 400 salespeople.

How accurate is the transcription?

Modjo uses the best transcription technology on the market. We estimate the accuracy of our English transcriptions to be 90%. This is equivalent to our English-speaking competitors.

For French, we have the best transcription solution on the market. Our team of data scientists works internally on algorithms to improve the quality of transcriptions. We estimate the accuracy of French transcription to be 85%. The quality of the transcription is most of the time impacted by the quality of the microphones and the VOIP software used.

Does Modjo work in a language other than French?

We are a French company but our tool is international. Modjo works in English, Spanish, Portuguese, German, etc.

How do the sales teams feel about the implementation of Modjo?

80% of daily connections are made by salespeople, 20% by managers. Sales people are the first users of Modjo.

Moreover, a manager connects more than 3 times a week while a sales person can connect up to 29 times.

What are the essentials for using a conversational analysis tool?

👉 A sales team between 2 and +1,000 salespeople.

👉 Make phone calls or video conferences.

👉 Use a telephony and/or video conferencing solution such as Aircall, Ringover, Zoom, Google Meet, Team, etc.

If you're not yet equipped, our team can help you.

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👉 Want to make your sales teams progress! 🍍

How do you ensure data security?

We guarantee RGPD compliance. Your data is hosted in France on ISO 27001 certified servers.

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