Increase your revenues by focusing your teams on sales

Gain in productivity with summaries generated in an instant by Modjo's AI and automated data entry in the CRM. Less administration and more time dedicated to sales.

Modjo sales productivity platform
Used by +450 companies and +15,000 sales reps in Europe

Only 23% of salespeople's time is actually spent on selling

Unleash the potential of your sales teams with Modjo


Average conversion rate among our customers.


Time saved per salesperson per week.


Customer information stored in CRM

Save man-hours with AI and focus your teams on selling

Sales people waste valuable time writing and checking their call summaries.

With Modjo Summary, call summaries are written automatically. Create your template, let our technology extract key information from your appointments and keep your teams focused on sales.

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Visual of the Modjo Summary feature dedicated to sales productivity
Screenshot of Modjo, the sales team coaching platform

Get a consistently complete CRM, with less effort!

Manual data entry into CRM is time-consuming and unreliable.

Automate the integration of call summaries and key elements into your CRM via Modjo Notes. Ensure data accuracy and completeness, improve decision-making and simplify opportunity management.

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Optimize the preparation of customer appointments for top performance

Your sales reps waste valuable time preparing for appointments and rereading previous notes.

Access a structured, comprehensive overview of all relevant customer data. Sales reps are better prepared, more confident and more successful.

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Screenshot of Modjo, the sales team coaching platform

Why choose Modjo for sales productivity?

Improve sales team productivity.
Get a reliable, comprehensive CRM thanks to AI.
To simplify the monitoring and management of opportunities.
To stay one step ahead of the competition.

They already use Modjo in their teams

Find out more about our users' quantified feedback and why the platform has already been adopted by +15,000 sales reps across Europe.

"Thanks to Modjo, sales reps are more relevant and productive.for +75% of sales reps, Modjo has helped win more sales.

We then deployed it across all our European markets!"

Victoire Berger
Sales Enablement Manager

"The solution allows me to align everyone's performance with that of the team's best salespeople.

Whether during onboarding or ongoing training, Modjo has become an indispensable part of Planity."

Simon Bibas
Head of Sales
simon bibas planity

"We were looking to improve productivity and performance. [...] Thanks to Modjo, each person on my team saves around four hours a week, which is huge.

My team can concentrate on their main task: selling."

Fanny Lemaistre
Team Lead AM

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