Live broadcast - How to perform in the face of objections


60 minutes of sharing the best techniques, processes & tips to perform well in the face of objections with sales experts.
perform well in the face of objections

Salespeople have everything they need to ACT: cutting-edge sales techniques, task automation, job specialization... but not to REACT!

What if we told you that there are techniques that will help you respond to any objection?

To prove it, Salesforce, Front, Ringover, Dream Catcher Sales & Modjo share their best methods, processes & tips to give you the keys to dealing with your prospects' objections.

All in a never-before-seen talk show! 🎙

On the program:

① Best techniques & practices from tech business experts to turn an objection into an opportunity.

② Learn how to step up and handle objections like a Top Performer.

③ Build your own playbook dedicated to your prospects' objections

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