Boost sales skills on a large scale

Remove the uncertainty from your salesablement initiatives by leveraging advanced coaching features that help sales teams achieve better results.

Modjo, the sales enablement platform
Used by +450 companies and +15,000 sales reps in Europe

The power of conversational intelligence to enhance performance

Improve your sales performance through a better understanding of your market, your teams' performance and your customers' needs.

Enable personalised coaching based on concrete examples

Stop giving your teams fixed training content that will be out of date within a few months.

Improve your sales teams' performance by training them on real conversations that will never become obsolete.

Effortlessly implement your winning methodology

Prevent lack of adoption of your processes.

Make your new methodology a success with ready-to-use scripts and libraries of best practices, all translatable into all European languages.

Monitor the impact and adoption of your actions quickly and easily.

Stop randomly shadowing your teams to understand if your actions have an impact.

Make your next initiatives even more powerful with call reviews and analytics.

They're already using Modjo

Find out more about the quantified feedback from our users and why the platform has already been adopted by +400 companies across Europe.

"In 2 months, we improved our premium offer conversion rate by +20% thanks to Modjo.

The tool allows us to deeply work on productivity, and it is reflected in the team's performance."

Clémence de Roquemaurel
Senior Sales Manager @Qonto
Clémence de Roquemaurel qonto

"Modjo helped us reduce the time required to obtain the first client contract by threefold!

It is an essential conversational intelligence tool due to the significant added value."

Maria Van Thienen
Head of Revenue Enablement @360Learning

"The platform helps me identify top conversations and spread best practices.

A top Modjo user achieves +70% MRR than an occasional user of the platform."

Céleste Gormand
Inside Sales Manager @Doctolib
celeste gormand doctolib

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Frequently asked questions about Sales Enablement

What is Sales Enablement?

Sales Enablement is about supporting the performance of sales teams through specific coaching based on best practices and data.

Sales Enablement will create content and training for sales teams to engage prospects more effectively and improve sales performance.

What are the differences between Sales Enablement and Sales Operations?

Unlike Sales Operations, Sales Enablement focuses on onboarding and training sales people.

It is the Sales Enablement team that implements specific content to help sales teams perform and reach their objectives.

Sales Operations focuses on the technical side of the sales profession, monitoring the needs of sales teams on a daily basis. This translates into the implementation and monitoring of a CRM or communication tool, for example.

What are the benefits of Sales Enablement?

Sales Enablement is about training and guiding sales people to expertise in order to improve their performance.

A good sales enablement strategy will support the growth of the company because sales people will be operational more quickly and better trained to support your customers.