Boost the performance of your sales team

Identify best practices, disseminate them on a massive scale, personalize your coaching approach thanks to Modjo's AI, and raise the level of all your sales staff.

Modjo sales productivity platform
Used by +450 companies and +15,000 sales reps in Europe

Put your sales team in the best possible condition to play in Ligue 1


Average conversion rate among our customers.


Time saved per salesperson per week.


Onboard new employees twice as fast.

Boost your skills development with customized coaching

Standard training doesn't meet the specific needs of each salesperson.

With Call Review, set up more relevant and effective personalized coaching based on your salespeople's real-life interactions. So you can boost their performance tenfold.

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Visual of the Modjo Reviews feature dedicated to sales performance
Visual of the Modjo AI Call Scoring feature dedicated to sales performance

Measure the application of your sales methodology

Manual evaluation of your methodology (BANT, MEDDICC, SPICED, etc.) is too complicated and time-consuming.

With AI Call ScoringAI Call Scoring gives you complete visibility of your sales execution, with a score for each conversation.

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Identify coaching opportunities with precision

Identifying sales coaching needs is often subjective and ineffective.

Speaking time, handling objections, qualifying questions, etc. Access objective, exhaustive information for effective, personalized coaching.

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Visual of Modjo Analytics functionality dedicated to sales performance
Visual of the Modjo Library feature dedicated to sales performance

Accelerate the training of new sales staff

Onboarding often takes the form of generalized training that's out of touch with reality.

Reduce the time to the first sale with tailor-made onboarding using relevant examples from your sales conversations.

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Why choose Modjo for sales performance?

Automate part of your coaching with Modjo
Using AI to manage sales cycles
To ensure proper execution of its sales methodology
To individualize your sales force's skills development

They already use Modjo in their teams

Find out more about our users' quantified feedback and why the platform has already been adopted by +15,000 sales reps across Europe.

"Someone who joins my team has easily gained three months of performance thanks to using Modjo, on how to apprehend their pitch, rework it afterwards. [...] It also helps improve our conversion rates."

Fanny Lemaistre
Team lead AM

The solution allows me to align everyone's performance with that of the team's best salespeople.

Whether it's during onboarding or ongoing training, Modjo has become an indispensable part of Planity."

Simon Bibas
Head of Sales

"The platform helps me identify top conversations and spread best practices.

A top Modjo user achieves +70% MRR than an occasional user of the platform."

Céleste Gormand
Inside Sales Manager
celeste gormand doctolib

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