Unleash the potential of your sales team and boost your revenues

With Modjo AI, increase your teams' productivity, drive your sales execution and guide your strategy with comprehensive data on the reality on the ground.

Modjo AI platform for sales management
Used by +450 companies and +15,000 sales reps in Europe

Ensure your sales success with Modjo


Our customers' conversion rates.


Time saved per salesperson per week.


Customer information stored in CRM

Refine your sales strategy with objective data

Sales managers often operate without clear, objective information in the field.

With AI Insightsgives you unfiltered access, in just a few seconds, to your teams' reality in the field, enabling you to extract strategic market insights.

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Visual of Modjo AI Insights for sales managers
Visual of the Modjo Deals feature for sales managers

Define your sales forecasts with precision

Often biased and time-consuming pipe reviews compromise the accuracy of your forecast.

Challenge your teams' opportunities with insights detected in conversations by Modjo AI and accessible in Modjo Deal.

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Improve the productivity of your sales teams

Sales reps waste a lot of time on manual tasks with little added value.

Equip your sales reps with Modjo AI for instantly generated summaries and automated data entry into the CRM. Less administration and more time dedicated to sales.

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Visual of the Modjo Summary feature for sales managers
Visual of Modjo Analytics functionality dedicated to sales performance

Manage the application of your sales methodology at scale

Speaking time, qualifications, handling objections, etc. Time-consuming and generic, today's coaching doesn't meet the needs of managers and sales people.

Optimize your sales execution with Modjo's coaching features.

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Why choose Modjo as your sales manager?

Use insights from the field to guide your strategy.
Precise forecasts of sales targets.
To boost sales team productivity.
To implement operational excellence.

They already use Modjo in their teams

Find out more about our users' quantified feedback and why the platform has already been adopted by +15,000 sales reps across Europe.

"In the same way as having a CRM to equip your sales teams, having a tool like Modjo today is a must-have in a sales organization that's growing fast and in perpetual search of continuous improvement."

Dorothée Leconte
Sales Director France

"Very quickly, several of our sales people increased their performance. The key was to let our prospects have their say so we could fully understand their issues. It was thanks to the platform that we were able to work and analyze our various interactions."

Thomas Ghiglione
Inside Sales Manager

"Modjo has completely changed the way we coach our teams!

We have a factual analysis of what our best sales people are doing and the means to easily replicate to the rest of the team."

Victor Boisnard
Head of Sales

Use Modjo's capabilities to improve your sales performance

Don't leave your strategy to chance!