Stay focused on your customer meetings, we'll take care of the notes.

Get detailed AI-generated summaries of your sales calls, automatically saved in your CRM. Boost your teams' productivity.

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Access the power of AI to automate tedious tasks


Average conversion rate among our customers.


Time saved per salesperson per week.


Customer information stored in CRM.

Your notes will never have been so accurate and complete

Don't waste time taking notes manually. Let our technology summarize every customer conversation in minutes.

Visual of the Modjo Summary feature dedicated to sales productivity
Visual of Modjo Summary integrations for sales productivity

Never update your CRM manually again

Modjo automatically synchronizes your notes with your CRM. Access detailed information on every customer interaction effortlessly.

Why start using Summary tomorrow?

Customizable templates

Choose from our library of templates or customize your own summaries in just a few minutes.

+30 languages supported

Our AI model is capable of understanding and generating your summaries in over 30 different languages.

Installation in just a few clicks

Activate Summary, record your first calls and let the AI operate in the background.

Integration with your business tools

Summary is integrated with the most popular CRMs, telephony and videoconferencing tools.

What are you waiting for to boost your productivity?

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Frequently asked questions about Summary

What languages does Summary support?

Summary works for all European languages and more: English, French, Spanish, German, Italian, Portuguese, etc.

Which CRMs are integrated into Summary?

Summary works with all Modjo's CRM software integrations.

You can find the list of our integrations here.

However, saving summaries in the specific "Notes" section of your CRM software is only available on Salesforce, HubSpot, Pipedrive and Sellsy.

Is your CRM not in the list? You can use Summary with Modjo without connecting it to your CRM. We will be adding new CRM integrations during 2024.

Can I use Summary for free if I have a Modjo account?

Yes, Summary is part of the Modjo offer at no extra cost. All you need to do is activate the AI features in your settings.