Our RGPD commitments

At Modjo, the protection of your personal data is a serious matter! We do everything possible to respect the RGPD and we show it to you through our commitments:

Commitment No. 1: Develop a tool that respects the privacy of employees

Modjo is developed to respect the rights and freedoms of employees by integrating many features to ensure that their privacy is respected.

When using Modjo, your employees are free to enable or disable recording. They choose which calls they feel will be recorded to achieve the purpose for which you have integrated Modjo into your business. 

Each employee can delete his or her recordings on Modjo at any time. Once deleted, neither the employee nor any member of the company will have access to the call.

Employees' calls cannot be listened to in real time, which allows them to keep control of their recordings and feel confident. 

Commitment no. 2: Support you as a subcontractor

As a processor of your personal data, we assist you in meeting your compliance obligations. For example, we implement appropriate security measures to ensure the protection of your personal data.

Our premises are secure, your data is encrypted and only our authorized personnel can access it. If you would like more information about the security of your data, please see our Security Commitments.

Commitment n°3 : We develop in accordance with the principles of Privacy by design & by default

Modjo is designed and set up to ensure, from the start and by default, the protection of personal data. Each new feature is developed in collaboration with the tech, product and legal teams so that our DPO is systematically involved.

Commitment #4: Set retention periods that work for you

Your personal data is only kept on our servers as long as it is needed to achieve your goals. By default, we set Modjo to keep your data active for as long as you use Modjo.

Each user is free to delete their own recordings and comments at any time. At the end of our relationship, you can ask us to return your recordings and delete all your data.

Commitment n°5 : Host your data in France

We host your personal data in France on secure AWS servers.

Commitment n°6 : Only collect and process your data that are necessary and relevant

When integrating your CRM with Modjo, only data related to customers and prospects already on Modjo is integrated. In this way, we respect the principle of data minimization by processing only the data that is necessary for conversational analysis and monitoring of your business relationships.

Similarly, when integrating your VoIP or video conferencing applications, only recordings of conversations with customers or prospects are included on Modjo. In keeping with the principle of data minimization, we exclude internal exchanges because their processing is not necessary for the purposes for which you use Modjo.