Duplicate the methods of your best salespeople

Observe the best practices of your top performers and customise your sales coaching.

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Transform your business coaching and develop a coaching culture

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Modjo helps you to be more relevant and effective in your training and feedback sessions.

Stop wasting time during your sales coaching.

Quickly identify the important topics and main themes of the exchange thanks to conversational analysis.

Automatic detection of topics
Share and comment on call excerpts
Intelligent call recommendation
Set up a powerful sales training tool in minutes

Improve the performance of your teams by an average of 30%.

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duplicate best business practices

Duplicate the practices of your best salespeople

Highlight the practices of your top performers that make a difference!

Modjo's artificial intelligence provides recommendations of calls to replay so that salespeople can learn from their peers.

The entire team learns from the best examples of interactions with your customers.

Listen to twice as many calls in half the time

Modjo records, transcribes and analyzes your calls in real time so you have access to key information within minutes of the end of your call.

Accelerate replay speed from x1.25 to x2 and replay twice as many calls to conduct your sales analysis.

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Very quickly, many of our salespeople have increased their performance. The key for us is to be able to let our prospects talk to us and understand their issues. Modjo has really helped us to work well and analyze our various interactions.

20% of our sales people have already doubled the number of contracts signed thanks to the Modjo click.
Thomas Ghiglione
Inside Sales Manager
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Modjo has completely changed the way we coach our teams! We have a fact-based analysis of what our best sales people do and how to easily replicate it to the rest of the team.
Victor Boisnard
Head of sales
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The idea with Modjo is to be able to listen to all the salespeople in a global way on the different phases of the sales process: qualification call, demo or negotiation.

For me, a conversational intelligence tool has its full place in our toolbox given the added value it brings.
Maria Van Thienen
Head of Sales Enablement
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We use the library feature a lot for the onboarding of newcomers, it's very practical. In addition to live shadowing, it allows us to put forward relevant use cases. It's had a huge impact!

A new account executive has just joined the team and we needed to get him up to speed very quickly. He made his first calls much more quickly.
Jocelyn TREHU
Account Executive
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Provide actionable advice

Rate, mention and comment using the dedicated feature directly on calls and video conferences conducted with your prospects.

The "time snippet" feature allows you to share with your team the key moments of a call and give context to the call to improve understanding of the conversation.

Optimize your sales scripts with data

Our conversational analysis solution gives you detailed information on the topics discussed during interactions with your prospects and customers.

Observe the keywords that make a difference and optimize your sales scripts to boost your sales performance: from product features to handling objections.

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