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Our dedicated integration captures all interactions between your company and your prospects.

Your data is now accessible, transparent and collaborative

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Why Modjo x Ringover?

Simplified workflow

Connect Ringover and start using the data from your interactions!

Connected in 1 click

Simply connect with the dedicated integration in minutes.

Increased synergy

Promote the adoption of Ringover within your teams.

Access all your interactions in a few clicks.

Enable easy and intelligent replay of calls.

Don't waste time tracking down the right call, quickly identify important topics and main themes of the exchange with conversational analysis

Focus on the essential, coaching your teams.

Our vision: help sales teams achieve performance through a powerful and easy-to-use coaching tool.

Making all conversations actionable is the mission of Modjo.

Analyse all your calls with Ringover

Highlight the practices of your top performers!

Modjo's conversational intelligence analyzes your calls to provide you with important data from each interaction.

Base your decisions on key indicators.

Automatic call transcription
Intelligent detection of key topics
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Data driven recommendations
Monitoring of performance indicators
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