for marketing teams

Unfiltered access to your customers' reality

Create marketing campaigns and optimize your acquisition channels using data based on the interactions of your customers and prospects.

Modjo, the sales enablement platform
Used by over 400 companies in Europe

Conversational intelligence for marketing teams

Make all interactions with your prospects and customers accessible, transparent and collaborative.


Time saved for each salesperson every month


Average conversion rate for our customers


Slash onboarding time for new hires

Speak the language of your prospects

Capture and analyze all sales team interactions and align your marketing strategy with what your prospects and customers are actually saying.

Screenshot of Modjo, the macro-analysis platform for companies' realities on the ground.
Screenshot of Modjo, the sales team coaching platform

Evaluate the impact of your actions

Stop basing your actions on intuition. Listen to your sales teams' conversations to understand what your targets are saying, and adjust your marketing messages accordingly.

Collaborate more easily with the field

Break down barriers with field teams. Modjo offers a complete collaboration solution for exchanging live field information.

Screenshot of Modjo, the CRM automation platform

They're already using Modjo

Find out more about the quantified feedback from our users and why the platform has already been adopted by +400 companies across Europe.

"Modjo allows us to better understand our customers thanks to live call sharing.

An indispensable tool for analyzing and optimizing our marketing actions more precisely."

Jade Simeon
Head of Marketing @HostnFly
jade simeon hostnfly

"+75% of sales reps have won more sales thanks to Modjo. They are more relevant and more productive.

The tool has been rolled out to all our teams in Europe!"

Victoire Berger
Sales Enablement Manager @Payfit
Victory shepherd payfit

"The platform helps me identify top conversations and spread best practices.

A top Modjo user achieves +70% MRR than an occasional user of the platform."

Céleste Gormand
Inside Sales Manager @Doctolib
celeste gormand doctolib

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