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Modjo raises €7 million to build the CRM of tomorrow!

Paul Berloty
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fundraising the Modjo team

The last ten months have seen Modjo grow exponentially.

Great clients have joined the adventure (Spendesk, Swile, BackMarket, PayFit or Doctolib come to mind), our team has grown: the adventure that started with three friends is now a strong team of 30 people with new talents joining us every month.

Our ambition: To create the CRM of tomorrow and become N°1 in Europe.

Modjo's technology enables companies to analyse the hundreds of video conferences, calls and emails that teams have with prospects every day for valuable information. This information will enable salespeople to improve their sales processes, continuously improve and increase their performance.

The idea was born from an observation: existing CRMs have a complicated interface and the data in them is often incomplete and subjective. At Doctolib, I used to spend my days listening to my colleagues selling, to identify their areas of improvement or help them to be better in their sales process. Modjo is the tool I would have dreamed of having at my disposal. Everything would have been easier and smoother and we would have been even stronger.

Today, I am pleased to announce a Series A of 7 million euros and the entry into the capital of the Daphni fund. We will be able to invest heavily in improving our product and creating new value-added features for our customers. We will also welcome new talent to support our growth and finally, we will open an office in Germany in the coming months to accelerate our European expansion. If you're as excited as we are about transforming the CRM industry, contact me. We look forward to welcoming you!

Our ambition is equal to the opportunity that the market represents: 127 billion dollars. And the Daphni fund, which is entering the capital alongside our historical investors (business angels and the Aglaé Ventures fund) has understood this:

"We were won over by the Modjo team's vision and ability to execute. In a competitive world, being as close as possible to the needs of clients and responding to them is a competitive advantage. This iswhat Modjo allows", underline Pierre-Yves Meerschman and Paul Bazin.

Our success is a clear example of what happens when a team of talented people believe passionately in what they do. Our ambition is huge and this Series A is a big step in that direction.

I would like to thank all our clients and the entire Modjo team for their contribution to this wonderful human adventure. Without them, nothing would be possible.

Let's do this!

Paul Berloty, CEO and Co-founder of Modjo

Paul Berloty
CEO & Co-founder
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