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Meeting with Aliénor Dartiguenave, Product Owner

Tristan Aucher
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Can you introduce yourself?

My name is Aliénor, I am 26 years old. I'm a rugby fan and travel enthusiast, and I'm currently a Product Owner at Modjo.

Why did you join Modjo?

Three things convinced me to take the plunge:

  1. The team and its values. During a job search, having confidence in the team I join is essential for me. Above all, I am looking for dynamism, desire, enthusiasm and benevolence. I found these qualities in each of the founders and my colleagues at Modjo.
  2. The job. I was looking for new challenges to get out of my comfort zone and continue learning on a daily basis. With an already comprehensive product and a team to build, I found the winning combination!
  3. The vision. I wanted to find a new adventure in which I could see myself in the long term. At Modjo, we are not short of ambition!

What is it like to work at Modjo on a daily basis?

Everything goes very fast! But the atmosphere is always great! When we arrive in the morning, we say hello to everyone, have a little coffee, and the day is off! We often have lunch together, and regularly share a few beers at the end of the day.

As far as work is concerned, every day has its challenges! I always do my best, with a top team that accepts that we can make and learn from our mistakes.

By the way, what is a Product Owner?

The Product Owner monitors the ongoing development of the product. She organises, prioritises and feeds the backlog according to the company's strategy, the various user feedbacks or technical constraints.

It breaks down the functionality into detailed, actionable tasks for the technical teams, and monitors the entire development phase.

Quite a programme!

Can you tell us a funny story about yourself?

I don't know if it's funny but I went overboard while on a sailboat in a storm.

It's a memorable experience to say the least.

What would you say to a candidate to join Modjo?

Don't hesitate! What we are looking for above all is enthusiasm, a desire to learn and to surpass oneself together.

In a growing company like ours, the tasks and challenges change (very) quickly. You will never be bored.

How do we get started with Product?

It's a complicated question because there is no real typical pathway.

The Product is at the intersection between the business and the technical dimension. The skills and experience required are therefore diverse and vary according to the maturity of the product, its technical complexity, or the size of the company you are looking for.

Some start after having been developers, others after a first experience in marketing, and still others after graduating from engineering or business school.

Diversity in a product team is something that is highly sought after: each profile has a different angle of approach to the problems we are trying to solve. A chance!

For your information, here are some of the skills you need to work in a product team:

  • A (certain) technical background: knowing how to code is not essential, but you must be able to discuss implementation issues with developers.
  • Enjoy investigating and solving problems. A good member of a Product team pays attention to detail because it is often the detail that makes the difference.
  • Communication: learning to listen, negotiate and convince.
  • Have empathy for the user, be humble and always know how to question yourself.
  • Be data-driven, i.e. always seek to have an impact and measure it to improve the product.

What is the skill you use every day?

Listening! In the product team, you interact with all the stakeholders, both internally and externally.

This requires understanding and synthesising the issues and problems of each party: the user needs, the suggestions and difficulties of the developers, the strategy and vision of the founders, or the sales issues of the salespeople.

You are at the heart of everyone's process, and listening is fundamental to taking the product in the right direction

Your best memory at Modjo?

Moving into our new offices. Moving from an incubator to independent offices is an exciting step in the life of a scale up! It's a page in a book that's being turned, but there's still a lot to do.

Everyone was happy to discover the new place, and the house-warming party was a good omen!

I'm sure the best is yet to come, starting with the seminar this week!

Your biggest victory?

For the moment, it is the accumulation of small victories that makes our product progress day by day.

My greatest satisfaction is to see a user happy with a small improvement in the product, knowing the amount of work behind it and the multitude of people who have contributed to it!

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