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Interview with Léa Hennequart, Account Manager

Emma Gaubert
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léa hennequart account manager modjo

Can you introduce yourself?

My name is Léa and I am an Account Manager at Modjo.

I live between Lille and Paris and I'm always up for a chat over a drink about the difference in the weather, which is a favourite topic with my Parisian friends!

Why did you decide to join Modjo?

My first motivation was the job. It met my expectations exactly. The tasks are varied. The job means that I am always in direct contact with our clients (Swile, Spendesk, Doctolib, BackMarket, etc.) but also with the Modjo teams.

I really found myself in the product and the vision of the company, which I completely embraced.

Finally, there is the team, which is always on top.

What is it like to be in contact with the best sales people from Hays, Prestashop, Yousign, PayFit, ...?

It is very enriching and pleasant! They are approachable, friendly and are always keen to improve!

You really make an impact with the customer and see how your product transforms the way they work.

Each client is unique because of its market, its commercial structure or its objectives. My contacts are varied (Head of Sales or CS, Sales Ops, team lead, ...) no two days are alike!

What was your background before joining the adventure?

I had a first experience as an export sales assistant at Petit Bateau. Then I had experience as a field sales person in consulting, which allowed me to know exactly what I wanted.

I realised that what I liked most was the contact with the customer.

Accompanying a client, working hand in hand with them to complete their project and seeing our solution evolve in their home is what really motivates me.

Finally, I found a job that combines both: I try to create adoption of our product while keeping a commercial dimension.

How does one become an account manager at Modjo?

There is no standard route.

A first experience in direct contact with the customer (sales, CS, ...) is a plus. But the most important skill is the...

It is personal: you need a lot of soft skills.

It is very hard to succeed in MA if you are not empathetic, friendly and a good listener. You also have to be able to adapt to the people you are dealing with.

It's a lot of skills that we're looking for in our future AM recruits. Experience is a plus, but if you have a good head for work, are willing to learn and love a product, you can work well together.

What is the difference between AM and CS?

What a debate!

Today, the Success business is a fast-moving business. In general, I would say that :

A Customer Success is in charge of adoption, product use (in a SaaS box) and customer care. One focus: deliver a frictionless experience with 100% satisfaction.

An AM has a commercial focus (upsell or cross-sell).

At Modjo, AM wears both hats.

The skill you use every day?


How do you get into sales?

Niaque and desire.

If you have the ability to talk and the desire to convince others, you will succeed.

Your biggest victory?

When my customers are satisfied. What drives me is customer satisfaction. Nothing is more important in a job like ours.

I am always proactive and I organise regular follow-ups with them to talk to them, to take the temperature. This allows me to identify those who are doing well and those who need extra help.

What would you say to a potential candidate to convince them to apply?

It is important not to miss the boat.

If you want to join a start-up with a promising future, where things are constantly changing, where you can develop yourself in a good atmosphere, don't hesitate!

Any special memories of Modjo that you would like to share?

There are so many that it's very hard to choose.

I would say that the last off site is a very nice memory, we shared moments together.

When I arrived in January 2021 there were 6 of us, today there are 22. The spirit has remained the same, there are just more of us to enjoy it.

A technique to motivate you in the morning?

Walk to work (after the train of course!) with good music in your ears and the day is launched.

A funny anecdote about you?

I'm still a bit of a headcase and quite clumsy.
Don't ask me to bring back a pile of plates, unless you want to get rid of them!

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