Maximize the reliability of your CRM

Boost your performance with data

Get better data in your CRM with Modjo. Our solution helps your salespeople collect accurate and reliable data while optimizing their productivity.

15,000+ salespeople are already using Modjo in Europe.
optimize CRM data

Of time saved
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More and more data
in your CRM


Conversion time
of an opportunity

Enrich your CRM data automatically

Make your CRM
the source of truth.

Automatically record and log all your customer interactions in your CRM with our dedicated integrations.

Track the activity of your accounts, opportunities, contacts and leads.
Benefit from hyper-accurate and always up-to-date activity data.
Analyze and optimize the performance of your team.
Enrich your CRM data automatically

Maximize the reliability of your CRM data

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Why business decision makers recommend recommend Modjo?

For data reliability.

Analyze and enrich your CRM automatically and transparently.

For the productivity gain.

Harmonize your note-taking method and optimize your teams' time.

For the simplicity of integration.

Connect Modjo to your CRM in minutes to start collecting data.

We set up Modjo to improve the onboarding and skills development of our sales staff.

We've cut the time it takes to win their first customer contract by a factor of three!

Quentin Préchoux


Being able to record all interactions is nowadays essential.

A conversational intelligence tool has its full place given the added value it brings.

Maria Van Thienen


"The platform helps me identify conversations and distribute best practices.

A top Modjo user achieves +70% more monthly recurring revenue than an occasional user."

celeste gormand doctolib

Céleste Gormand


Thanks to Modjo, sales reps are more relevant and productive.

For +75% of sales reps, Modjo has helped them win more sales. We then deployed it in all our European markets!

Victory shepherd payfit

Victoire Berger


The solution allows me to align everyone's performance with that of the top salespeople in the team.

Whether it's during onboarding or continuous training, Modjo has become an indispensable tool at Planity.

simon bibas planity

Simon Bibas


In 2 months, we improved the conversion rate of our premium offer by +20% thanks to Modjo.

The tool allows us to work in depth on productivity and this is reflected in the team's performance.

Clémence de Roquemaurel qonto

Clémence de Roquemaurel


Maximize the reliability of your CRM now!

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