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Modjo Product Tour : Coaching edition

Join us for the next Modjo product tour, specifically tailored to address the coaching challenges of sales teams. Discover the power of Modjo in enhancing performance and effectiveness.

A webinar hosted by Tom Le Cocguen

Understand how Modjo, the Conversational Intelligence platform, revolutionizes the decision-making process and addresses the key challenges faced by executives, sales teams, and operations.

On the program:

  • The first part focuses on market trends, strategic initiatives, and achievable sales forecasts enabled by Modjo.
  • The second part revolves around coaching. Evaluate the impact of training and facilitate performance tracking with Modjo.
  • Finally, we will be answering all your questions live.

Don't miss this opportunity to discover Modjo with Yann, our product expert.

🔴 Product Tour available for replay

Boost the productivity and performance of your sales teams

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Absolutely, Modjo and the speakers in these webinars freely share their expertise in the hopes that it will be useful to you. Feel free to contact us if you have any additional questions.

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