Reveal the reality on the ground

Meet (finally) your customers!

Modjo allows marketing and product teams to benefit from an objective vision of the reality on the ground by cutting out the middleman!

300+ marketing and product teams use Modjo
share the reality on the ground

Conversion rate


Onboarding time
of a new recruit


Replayed calls

You have never been so close to your customers!

Reality on the ground, without intermediaries.

Develop strategies based on the reality of your customers. Modjo gives you direct insight into the interactions of your sales teams.

Access thousands of calls instantly and draw your own conclusions.

Live sharing of field feedback.
Transcription and analysis of conversations.
360° view on all interactions.
Share the reality on the ground without intermediaries.

Set your pace in the market

Monitor trends in real time and track the impact of these changes on your markets with Modjo.

Seize opportunities and respond to changing needs proactively.

Unlimited exporting and sharing of conversations.
Detailed and qualitative comments.
Analysis and translation of multilingual interactions.
Share detailed and qualitative feedback to marketing and product teams

Objectively evaluate the impact of your actions

Stop basing your actions on intuition. Adapt your marketing or product strategy based on customer interactions.

Opt for the macro view via conversational analysis, or the micro view by diving deep into sales team calls and videoconferences.

Automatic detection of topics in conversations.
Dynamic search of calls and video conferences.
Dashboard for monitoring topics covered.
Objectively evaluate the impact of your marketing actions

Encourage collaboration between teams

Discuss with an expert
Understanding the impact

Why do marketing and product teams recommend Modjo?

To access all the interactions.

Access all customer interactions through a simple and intuitive platform.

To collaborate more easily with teams.

Modjo simplifies information feedback with advanced collaboration features.

To analyze the impact of your actions.

Analyze thousands of customer interactions across your organization in a macro way.

Modjo enables us to better understand our customers thanks to
live call sharing.

An indispensable tool for analyzing and optimizing our marketing actions more precisely.

jade simeon hostnfly

Jade Simeon


Modjo allows us to work more efficiently.

Very quickly, salespeople saw an impact on their performance. 20% of our sales people have doubled the number of contracts thanks to Modjo.

Thomas Ghiglione


"The platform helps me identify conversations and distribute best practices.

A top Modjo user achieves +70% more monthly recurring revenue than an occasional user."

celeste gormand doctolib

Céleste Gormand


Thanks to Modjo, sales reps are more relevant and productive.

For +75% of sales reps, Modjo has helped them win more sales. We then deployed it in all our European markets!

Victory shepherd payfit

Victoire Berger


The solution allows me to align everyone's performance with that of the top salespeople in the team.

Whether it's during onboarding or continuous training, Modjo has become an indispensable tool at Planity.

simon bibas planity

Simon Bibas


In 2 months, we improved the conversion rate of our premium offer by +20% thanks to Modjo.

The tool allows us to work in depth on productivity and this is reflected in the team's performance.

Clémence de Roquemaurel qonto

Clémence de Roquemaurel


Reveal the reality on the ground now!

Rated 4.8 on Capterra & G2
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