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Learn from your company's best salespeople, identify areas for improvement and train your team using advanced coaching features to achieve better results.

Modjo, the sales enablement platform
Used by over 400 companies in Europe

The power of conversational intelligence to enhance performance

Improve your sales performance through a better understanding of your market, your teams' performance and your customers' needs.


Time saved for each salesperson every month


Average conversion rate for our customers


Slash onboarding time for new hires

Accelerate your sales cycles

Topic analysis, easy replay, subtitles and call translations. Always have access to the right information about your prospects thanks to Modjo.

And share your demos directly with your prospects to halve the decision-making process.

Screenshot of Modjo, the macro-analysis platform for companies' realities on the ground.
Screenshot of Modjo, the sales team coaching platform

Provide middle managers with an efficient data-driven solution to coach their teams

Take the guesswork out of coaching your teams.

Set up effective, large-scale sales team coaching based on factual analyses and high-quality evaluation grid templates.

Keep track of every crucial client information in your deals

Make sure you have all the information you need to prepare for your next meeting with Modjo's automatically generated summaries and comprehensive CRM data.

Transform the way you take notes and say goodbye to incomplete and unreliable CRM reports!

Screenshot of Modjo, the CRM automation platform

They're already using Modjo

Discover why 400+ companies across Europe have already adopted our platform. Hear their success stories and experience firsthand how Modjo can supercharge your sales performances.

"In 2 months, we improved our premium offer conversion rate by +20% thanks to Modjo.

The tool allows us to deeply work on productivity, and it is reflected in the team's performance."

Clémence de Roquemaurel
Senior Sales Manager @Qonto
Clémence de Roquemaurel qonto

"The solution allows me to align everyone's performance with that of the team's best salespeople.

Whether during onboarding or ongoing training, Modjo has become an indispensable part of Planity."

Simon Bibas
Head of Sales @Planity
simon bibas planity

"The platform helps me identify top conversations and spread best practices.

A top Modjo user achieves +70% MRR than an occasional user of the platform."

Céleste Gormand
Inside Sales Manager @Doctolib
celeste gormand doctolib

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